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Featuring original artwork by Ringo!
At its base lies an Essential III, upgraded with an acryl platter, right out of the box. It features high quality and audiophile components, such as an Ortofon OM10 car­tridge, a precision diamond cut aluminum pulley, top notch MDF chassis and a built in motor control for opti­mal speed stability. The acryl platter is not just a sound enhancement that makes the turntable sound richer and more natural by eliminating unwanted resonances cau­sed by the platter, it also allows you to view the underly­ing, stunning artwork.
The artwork itself is designed by Ringo Starr and was carefully created and developed by him over the course of many years. It has grown with him and shows his dedication to love, togetherness and care. Those values have always been with him, they are reflected in his All Starr Band and this turntable continues to be another statement of exactly that.
Belt drive
33 and 45 RPM with manual speed change
Heavy and high-quality MDF chassis
High-quality RCA phono cable included 
8.6” aluminum tonearm with sapphire bearings
It does not have a built-in phono preamp, must purchase separately